Case Study: JBM’s first utility-scale solar farm, Stanton

The 5MWp Stanton Solar project in Swindon, was first discussed in the spring of 2014. By Summer 2014, JBM Solar had developed a solar farm that secured planning consent with Swindon Borough Council.

Subsidised development

The solar farm was one of three separate schemes that were developed with one landowner in this location and was commissioned in March 2015. The project was supported by the UK government’s Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) subsidy regime at the time. ROCs are certificates issued to operators of accredited renewable generating stations for the eligible renewable electricity they generate.

Community engagement

Before submitting the planning application, JBM worked closely with local residents, organisations, and the Stanton Fitwarren parish council to better understand local sentiment towards the project, overcoming the challenges to development before the application stage.

A public consultation was held where local residents and organisations could meet the team and discuss their views on the proposed plans for development. This successful outreach within the community helped to secure support from the Stanton Fitzwarren parish council for the Stanton Solar project, and for two additional

The success of the Stanton project will mean that enough low-carbon energy will be created to power the equivalent annual energy needs of 1,100 homes every year.