Case Study: Securing innovative connections at Wick Farm

JBM Solar has a dedicated in-house team focused on the delivery of grid connections, including the identification of grid opportunities across the UK. The team are well versed in sourcing connections for their solar projects directly from National Grid, as well as a number of local Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Connecting to the grid

Since 2018, JBM and its partners have secured grid connections for more than 3GW of solar energy and solar storage projects.

JBM has achieved planning consent for three 49.9MWp solar energy projects that all include National Grid tertiary, winding grid connections; these include, Wick Farm Solar, Minety Solar, and Myttons Solar. A tertiary connection is suitable for smaller projects that connect directly to National Grid’s energy network. It is called a tertiary connection as it uses the third winding on National Grid’s existing high voltage transformers.

Connecting into the national grid, means the Wick Farm project provides enough low-carbon energy to power the equivalent annual energy needs of 17,000 homes.

Working as one

The expert grid-team at JBM have been working closely with National Grid on an innovative programme of delivery for such tertiary connections to make the process more efficient for all involved.

JBM are always on the lookout for new network connection opportunities to help make the process of installing solar farms more efficient, to bring us one step closer to a net zero future.