Case Study: Landowner engagement success, Corner Copse

JBM Solar has a decade-long history of working closely with landowners, helping to diversify their holdings, and secure an attractive and reliable income for years to come.

Building trust

JBM’s work on the Corner Copse project in Stanton Fitzwarren is a prime example of how they get to know the individuals they work alongside, and build meaningful relationships that drive project success.

The Corner Copse project is the third renewable energy project that JBM has developed in this location, with the same landowner, having previously developed the operational Stanton Waters and Beech Farm sites. JBM initially developed two individual 5MWp projects and created a working relationship built on mutual trust and understanding, that resulted in the development of the 49.9MWp Corner Copse solar farm with co-located battery storage.

Driving success

By getting to know the landowner and their role in the local community, JBM’s in-house team were able to connect on a stronger foundation with local residents, organisations, and the parish council throughout the planning process for all three projects

This level of trust and careful consideration of the wants and needs of all impacted parties helped JBM to secure planning consent for the Corner Copse site from the planning officer under delegated powers; making the project the second of JBM’s post-subsidy projects to secure consent.

Powering a net zero future

The positive relationship with the landowner, and their willingness to work with JBM three times, is testament to JBM’s commitment to partnering with individuals and building strong relationships to enable project success.

The success of the Corner Copse Solar project will mean that enough low-carbon energy will be created to power the equivalent annual energy needs of 20,000 homes.

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