Who we work with

We have a decade-long history of working closely with landowners, communities, and stakeholders such as local authorities and community groups to help deliver projects that have the greatest potential for success.

Working with communities

Working in partnership with local communities to unlock a project’s full potential is at the heart of what we do. Our work with local people shapes the future of our projects and ensures the benefits of solar energy developments are realised in a way that positively impacts them.

We pride ourselves on listening to, and knowing the communities we work with by prioritising our understanding of local sentiment. We listen to, and build relationships with, the people, organisations, and stakeholders we work with, to understand their views and accommodate change where possible, helping to leave a positive legacy behind when our work is complete.

Working with landowners

By leasing land for a solar farm, landowners can diversify their holdings and secure an attractive and reliable income for the next 40 years while maintaining agricultural activity and playing their part in helping the UK achieve its net-zero ambitions.

To help maximise success, our integrated team of experts only approach landowners when they know they can help them unlock the solar-value of their land. Firstly, we do our homework on available grid capacity, and then we work with landowners and their agents to understand how we can get them the best possible deal based on their land’s individual characteristics.

Take a look at our latest projects to learn more about how JBM Solar works with landowners, communities, and stakeholders here.

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If you own at least 50 acres, in the UK, that you believe is suitable for development and you are curious about the benefits of solar, please get in touch.