We are JBM Solar - your trusted partner in solar energy.

We are at the heart of the UK’s renewables revolution. We’re helping to realise our collective goal of net zero emissions through the deployment of solar energy.

We deliver successful outcomes for landowners, communities, and the planet. We believe this is best achieved through positive stakeholder relationships and listening to the voices of the community.

From identification of a suitable site, through the entire development process, our expert team is on hand to capitalise on, and deliver, a project’s full untapped potential.

Our vision

Our vision is to power the UK with reliable, affordable, clean solar energy, and to add value through innovation and investment. We’re bringing the benefits of solar energy to communities and the planet – at the scale and pace that is needed to help the country meet its net zero ambitions.

Why choose JBM?

Our success speaks for itself. In ten years, we have secured planning permission in the UK and Ireland for over 98% of the projects we have worked on, resulting in planning consent for more than 1GW of solar projects.

We remain committed to using the lessons we have learned in this time to continue delivering large-scale solar farms – ranging from 30 to 500 megawatts – and biodiversity net gains on every project.

Working with JBM Solar means working with an integrated team of experts who understand what it takes to deliver first-class solar energy projects and to leave a positive legacy.

Our work

Innovation and expertise drives our team’s success. Discover more about how we’re successfully delivering for people and the planet across our solar energy portfolio:

Case Study: Route-to-market success at Doverdale

In the post-subsidy era, JBM Solar has been at the forefront of the development and delivery of clean, homegrown solar energy, securing 10% of the consented…

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Case Study: Industry leading design at Scurf Dyke

JBM Solar’s in-house technical team is at the forefront of technological industry trends. The team’s design engineers think differently…

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Case Study: Community engagement at Eastfields Solar

By working in partnership with local people and communities, JBM Solar unlock a project’s full potential by ensuring that the benefits of solar energy…

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Case Study: RESS 2’s largest project, Clonfad

The c150MWp Clonfad solar project, in West Meath, achieved planning permission in November 2019. The decision was appealed by a third-party before…

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Case Study: JBM’s first greenbelt development, Burton Farm

The 5MWp Burton Farm Solar project at Burton Farm, received planning permission in July 2014. The project was sensitively…

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Case Study: Success at appeals in Cotmoor

At times, JBM must face a planning inquiry. This is part of the planning process. JBM goes into every inquiry with a firm belief in its proposals and delivery plan…

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Case Study: JBM’s first utility-scale solar farm, Stanton

The 5MWp Stanton Solar project in Swindon, was first discussed in the spring of 2014. By Summer 2014, JBM Solar had developed a solar farm that…

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Case Study: Landowner engagement success, Corner Copse

JBM’s work on the Corner Copse project in Stanton Fitzwarren is a prime example of how they…

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Case Study: Securing innovative connections at Wick Farm

JBM Solar has a dedicated in-house team focused on the delivery of grid connections, including the identification of grid…

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Case Study: Ireland’s Largest Solar Farm, Ballymacarney

JBM Solar has played a major role in the development and delivery of solar energy projects across the Republic of Ireland…

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