Case Study: JBM’s first greenbelt development, Burton Farm

The 5MWp Burton Farm Solar project at Burton Farm, near Stratford-upon-Avon, received planning permission in July 2014. The project was sensitively designed to harmoniously sit within a 12-hectare area of greenbelt land, while preserving the character of the natural environment.

Environmental safeguards

With the land that the solar farm was constructed on being greenbelt, JBM Solar went above and beyond in demonstrating how this project would seamlessly sit within the landscape. The in-house technical team also demonstrated how the Burton Farm Solar project would deliver on farm diversification, biodiversity enhancements, and food security by ensuring the continuation of agricultural activities on the land.

Gaining support

To secure planning consent, JBM outlined several special circumstances in its planning application. These special circumstances helped to drive support from the district council for the project despite it being situated on greenbelt land. In 2014, the Burton Farm Solar project received unanimous support from the planning committee.

Powering a clean future

The project has been operational since 2015 and generates enough clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of over 1,000 homes every year.