Case Study: RESS 2’s largest project, Clonfad

The c160MWp Clonfad solar project, in West Meath in the Republic of Ireland, achieved planning permission in November 2019. The decision was appealed by a third-party before being upheld by the An Bórd Pleanála (an independent, statutory, quasi-judicial body that decides on appeals from planning decisions made by local authorities in the Republic of Ireland).

Setting the standard

Spread across 260 hectares of land, the Clonfad Solar project will be one of the largest solar energy projects developed in the country, helping to make a major contribution to Ireland’s legally binding CO2 reduction efforts and the pursuit of net zero.

The solar farm is setting the standard for solar developers. Once built, it will provide enough clean energy to power more than 25,000 homes in Ireland, helping to save the nation 40,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Working with locals

JBM Solar are committed to communities and working with local people to understand their wants and needs prior to development commencing. The Clonfad project will make a €1,000,000 development contribution to the local authority before construction begins. Helping to finance local endeavours and solutions to community challenges.

Next steps

The Clonfad project was the largest solar project to be successful in Ireland’s second Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS 2). The application for the RESS 2 scheme was made by Statkraft, with JBM selling the Clonfad project to the company in November 2019. Having been met with success under RESS 2, construction is set to begin in 2023.