Case Study: Success at appeals in Cotmoor

To help maximise success, the integrated team of experts at JBM Solar do their homework on available grid capacity before approaching landowners and their agents to understand how they can get them the best possible deal based on their land’s individual characteristics.

The team pride themselves on their rigorous site selection process and their in-house planning expertise, supported by a strong GIS, planning, and project management function. This means that when time and resources are invested into a solar project, they’re committed to seeing it through – from design to delivery.

Facing the inquiry

At times, this commitment means that JBM must face a planning inquiry. This is part of the planning process and the decisions made by local officials are respected. JBM goes into every inquiry with a firm belief in its proposals and delivery plan. Their commitment to the investment in securing planning consent does not waver.

Overcoming rejection

The 49.9MWp Cotmoor Solar project in Nottinghamshire was initially rejected by the planning officer and the planning committee. JBM disagreed with the decisions made by the planning officer’s conclusions and the stated reasons for refusal at committee.

The team worked with its partners – including Pegasus Planning Consultants and No. 5 Chambers – to provide a rigorous defence of the proposals. Following a planning inquiry, the inspector found in JBM’s favour. The inspectors support has set a strong precedent for future solar schemes that could end up facing similar localised challenges.